The TCG Edge
We are a leading EXPERT in your industry . MORE THAN 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.

Whether your specific requirement's are for a Group President, Division Controller, or a Senior Staff Engineering Manager to lead enterprise-wide Lean & Six-Sigma initiatives, our extensive research and comprehensive databases of your industry will identify the most successful individuals who will bring World Class value to your organization.

Values to Client
  • Technical Accuracy
  • Access To Untapped Market
  • Understand and Examine All Options
  • Continuous Research=Continuous Prospects
  • Details, Thoroughness of Approach - Nothing Left to Chance
  • Examine The Entire Marketplace, the whole "Universe" of Talent.
  • Continuous process Solution to On-going Challenge in Lieu of Short Term Fix
  • Custom recruitment programs which reduce costs & improve cash flow and provide World Class Options!!

Client Base
East Coast - Mid West - Southeast - West Coast - Europe

  • World-Class Research
  • Tool Box of The Information Age
  • Multi-Channel Information Streams
  • Power of Information in the business decision process

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